The retail specialty coffee industry has blossomed across the globe over recent years. This growth is largely contributed to the popularity of increased quality and variety of hot and cold specialty beverages and perfectly paired treats, which are areas of Arabica’s competitive strength.

From our Lattes to Iced Teas or Iced Coffees to Espressos our skilled baristas convey the passion we have for excellence and consistency in an ambiance that creates international appeal. It is our goal to serve the world’s best coffee in an environment that is appealing and captivating: where one can catch up with friends, attend a meeting or simply pick up a coffee to go.

Not only do we take pride in what we do but how we are viewed in our industry and always honoured at the way we are recognized worldwide. We have an outstanding reputation and would like to extend an invitation to you to become an Arabica Coffee Franchisee, so you too can enjoy one of the most unique franchise opportunities available on the market today.

It was a big and great opening day for us with two new stores opening in Paphos and Nicosia in August 2012 and we are delighted to be able to announce our progress toward opening our third store in Kisonerga in early November 2012.

Moving forward, the brand will remain on the proven path that successful operations are founded with exceptional product, attractive and efficient facilities. Arabica strives to capture your heart and mind in a welcoming environment with products you crave and deserve, to provide service with a smile, and to create an unforgettable experience.

The finest Arabica beans, roasted to perfection and served with love. That’s how we like to do business in Cyprus.