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A Fresh Coffee Experience

At Arabica Coffee House we seek to redefine how you experience coffee.

"The proof is in the cup"

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Welcome to Arabica Coffee House Cyprus

Arabica Coffee House is about heritage, passion for coffee and lifestyle. Founded in 1976, Arabica is one of the US’s first coffeehouses and the “original coffeehouse of Cleveland, Ohio”, well-known to have the best drip coffee and the best mocha in the US. Our first location was on Coventry Road in Cleveland and the success of our first store brought on tremendous growth in North East Ohio.

Our second location was opened in 1981 in Shaker Heights, Ohio and the rest is, shall we say, history. Our commitment to quality and superior customer service has fueled growth and shaped our path to success. We are now an international chain operating in more than 50 locations throughout the USA, China, Qatar and Cyprus.

One look at our espresso drinks and you'll know you've discovered a whole new level of coffee. The micro foam is perfect. The coffee itself is a whole new breed, with not a trace of bitterness, and a delightful hint of sweetness, the result of an amazing blend of artisan-roasted Arabica beans.

From our Lattes to Iced Teas or Iced Coffees to Espressos our skilled baristas convey the passion we have for excellence and consistency in an ambiance that creates international appeal. It is our goal to serve the world’s best coffee in an environment that is appealing and captivating: where one can catch up with friends, attend a meeting or simply pick up a coffee to go.

Those qualities apply to everything we do, from our unique salads, our multi-layered smoothies and our fresh, locally baked cakes, pastries and desserts to our freshly prepared sandwiches.